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Are you a cat enthusiast who adores your feline companion? Instead of featuring our black cat in your print, wouldn't it be wonderful to showcase your beloved cat as the star? Your wish is our command! We provide a personalised and customised print service for most of our cat wall art print designs.

Your cat can now become a legendary character, such as the valiant Thor or the playful Loki, among our other cat character designs.



  1. Click on Custom Cat Art and select your chosen print size. Enter your chosen wall art character name in the box provided. Add the print to your basket and then checkout.

  2. Once you have purchased your custom cat art print, send us an email with your order number in the title to to confirm the character you would like your cat to be e.g. Jerry Cat, Asgard Duo etc. Please attach 1 or 2 clear photos of your cat, making sure that your cat's full face is visible, along with any details on its chest and paws.

  3. We will redraw the chosen existing design, replacing the black cat with an image of your cat. We will match the cat’s colour and any clear markings. All other details will remain the same
    as the original print.

  4. We will send you a small proof within 7 working days (once we've received clear images of your cat) to check that you are satisfied with the cat's colour change.

  5. Once you approve the proof, we will ship your new personalised print to you.

our custom cat art mockup up showing our black cat with a banner across his chest saying "customise me"


If you would like a totally new custom cat print, please do drop us an email with all your requirements and we will be happy to quote for this service.

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