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We enjoy cat-themed large art prints because cats have always played a large part in our lives. Our lovely cats Moo and Archie are adopted strays and have certainly been key figures in our family and have influenced our art. These cats have brought so much joy to us so we wanted to help other cats find their forever-loving homes. London Inner City Kitties is our chosen cat charity. We wanted to choose a local no-kill charity that will do its utmost to help any cat in need. 50% of profits from the sale of our charity cards will be donated to L.I.C.K.

50% of profits from the sales of our two LI.C.K charity cards, will be donated to L.I.C.K. 

If you would like to view our charity cards click HERE and HERE.



About London Inner City Kitties


London Inner City Kitties (L.I.C.K) is a small no-kill charity in East London. L.I.C.K was established in 2018 to rescue and protect kitties in need. For many city cats, L.I.C.K is their last resort. L.I.C.K specialise in helping overlooked kitties, those unable to receive help elsewhere, and who have life-threatening illnesses that have been left untreated. Our aim is to ensure that every inner city kitty has a safe and loving forever home, that no cats are abandoned and left to live on the streets, and for them to receive all the medical treatment that they need. Our trustees cover all running costs to ensure that all donations we receive go to medical treatment for the kitties.


Adult cats are neutered, microchipped and treated for any medical condition they have. Our system of volunteer fosterers takes care of the kitties until they have regained their health and their confidence. We then work on rehoming them to a loving home, or when necessary, to rural areas where they can safely live out the rest of their lives.

To make your own personal donation, please visit:

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