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We are Baldy and The Fidget... aka husband and wife team Angus and Heidi Griffin based in East London.


We both come from creative, ‘arty’ backgrounds, from studying at Central St Martins to working at ad agencies in South Africa and London. Imagination and creativity have always been important in our lives, BUT with a big dash of fun. We love to have a giggle and are very slightly cat-mad! (You may have spotted this from a whole cat print collection dedicated to our feline friends!)

Why so many cats, we hear you shout


We get asked this quite often. In short, cats have always been part of our lives and have always chosen us. In more recent years, 2 adopted cats have played a major part in our day-to-day world - Moo (as a kitten she used to meow like a mooing cow!) and Archie (named after watching the movie RocknRolla and realising that he was a bit of an East End geezer!). Art is said to be inspired by life, and these little munchkins certainly inspire us.

Our Aims

All of our unique art prints and cards are lovingly created by us in East London, using non-toxic dyes, FSC certified papers, and all our packaging is recyclable. We are trying to be as green as we possibly can.

Our top priority to you is to provide high-quality prints and service that will keep you smiling for many years to come.

But, but, but….

You don’t have the size I need.  I want the cats to look like my cat. No problem. Send us a message letting us know your print size or design needs, and we will work our little socks off to help create your perfect print.

Miss you already!

Do keep in touch, and follow us to see our latest creations on Facebook and Instagram.
You can even drop us a message via the Contact Us page.

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